Week 1: 2018

As a long time Eagles fan, the 2018 season could not have ended any better. Last year was a down year for this blog and to be really honest I am not sure how much time I will have this season to dedicate to the blog as life has got much busier to me so things will look a little different here and the writeups will be much shorter. In the end if we get plays that win, that is all that matters. Speaking of plays that win, one more time…




Conference Final 2018

Our reg season from the abyss continued into playoffs as the Steelers followed up the worst coached reg season game of the year vs the Jags with the worst coached playoff game of the year and killed the 2nd half of our 2 team teaser. The Eagles not only covered the +9 we had but won straight up setting up a middling opportunity for me with the Jags which I didn’t take. Dumb.

2017 Reg Season 29-36

2017 Playoffs: 0-1

Conference Finals

Game 1: Min @ Phi +3

Bet% Min 55% Phi 45%

These teams feel a lot closer than the spread indicates. Basically this has the Vikings as 6 point favorites on a neutral and I just don;t see it. The big discrepancy appears to be at QB with Case Keenum being rated far higher than Nick Foles. Keenum has definitely had a very productive season but he is also much more of a risk taker compared to the cautious Foles. The upside of those risky plays is being priced here but I don’t think the downside is. (more…)

Divisional Rd Pick

2017 Reg Season – 29-36

Divisional Rd 

Game 1: 6 Point Teaser Phi +9 and Pit -1

Bet% Atl 63% Phi 27%

Bet% Jax 39% Pit 61%

Eagles are the number 1 seed and 3 pt underdogs here with Nick Foles at QB. Falcons played a great game last week and lead start to finish but the conditions in Philly will be much more difficult. This will be the Falcons 4th road game in 5 weeks while the Eagles will obviously be rested off a bye and only a quarter of play in week 17. I like the Eagles defense and run game to keep them in this game and think they have a legit shot to win straight up so teasing over the TD feels like the safest tag with the Steelers.

The Jags embarrassed the Steelers in reg season 30-9 in a game that Bortles completed a total of 8 passes for 95 yards and an Interception. Jacksonville scored 2 TDs on defense in that game leading to a game script that seems impossible to replicate but necessary if the Jags are going to win here. Can’t see lightning striking twice.

Week 14: Comeback Season


It’s been a rough go here on this blog and for most sports books the last 5 weeks as favorites and heavy public plays have cashed at record levels. There are some things I would do differently but there is still time left to turn this season around and I like this week’s card a lot. Let’s Go.

2017: 25-31

Week 13: 1-3

Game 1: Sea @ Jax Under 20 1st Half

Bet% Over 51 Under 49 (Full game)

These are the 2 teams I have constantly bet for 1st half unders and this matchup seems perfect for a low scoring start. Seattle constantly starts slow in games especially on the road and in this game you have to thing the Jags front will get after the Seattle Offensive line.  The Jags weakness on defense is the run and i expect that Seattle will try to start the game by seeing if they can have success there. On the flip side Seattle has been terrific vs the run since adding Sheldon Richardson but I can’t seethe Jags putting the game in Bortles hands until they have to. This feels like a 7-3 half. (more…)

Week 13 Review 1-3

Unfortunately the 2 week hiatus after the birth of my daughter did not change my luck in the NFL as we had a another losing week and the record is now 6 games under .500. I have read a lot about how November is the best month ever for favorites and that the public has destroyed the books the last 6 weeks. It can’t continue going this way and in the last 3 prime time games I think we have seen the pendulum swing back. Hopefully this is the week we start our comeback but yeah Week 13 was another mess.

Sasha fail

2017: 25-31

Week 13: 1 Win 3 Losses

week 13 2017 results

What Went Right

  • Jimmy G debut: the only win we got was with the 49ers. This game wasn’t close, the 49ers out-gained the Bears 388 to 147 and the only thing that kept it close was the fact that SF went 0-5 in RZ and the Bears were 1-1.


Week 13 Picks

After a 2 week hiatus I was able to spend some time looking at this weeks card and made some bets though there wont be much his week for write-ups. November was a historic month for favorites covering and as a result the dogs keep getting more value, at some point that’s going to matter.

2017: 24-28 (more…)

Week 10 Review- no week 11 Picks.

So last Sunday was another terrible day as we went 0-4 on the week 10 picks https://getthecover.com/2017/11/09/week-10-picks/ . Heres the thing I didn’t care one bit because on Saturday Morning last week I became a father for the first time to a beautful little girl and the picks didn’t matter much. 

Week 10: 0 wins 4 losses

2017: 24-28

No week 11 picks, the week has been a whirlwind I’m not even sure who is playing this week besides the Eagles and Dallas but good luck to all on your picks. I will hopefully have something for week 12 but we will see. For this Sunday I will just be an Eagles fan and a dad. 

Week 9 Review: 2-4

For the 2nd week in a row we ended up down and now sit at .500 at the halfway mark. For the next few weeks I will defiantly be tightening up the cards but the season is long and there is still a lot of time to have a good season here.  That being said, it’s been tough, for 2 weeks in a row we have seen favorites big and small over the majority of games and when you bet mostly dogs it’s pretty easy to have a card that looks completely wrong in those situations.

Sasha Banks WWE GIF - SashaBanks WWE Raw GIFs

2017: 24-24

Week 9: 2 Wins 4 Losses

Week 9 review2017 (more…)