2017 Conference Review

Try as we might we have been stuck at .500 for the playoffs and that continued in the Conference Final round. Still, my performance has been better than the NFL’s record of good playoff games in 2017 which is at like 1-13.

Conference Final Round: 1-1

2017 Playoffs: 3-3

2016 Regular Season: 53-37-3


GB @ ATL – Like basically every game this playoffs, this wasn’t close. Falcons got up early and Green Bay was too banged up at WR to have any chance of coming back. Atlanta took advantage of the Packers issues in secondary with a near perfect game from Matt Ryan. 10.3 yards per pass att, 4 TDs 0 Ints and a QBR of 98.4.


Pit @ NE: I liked Pit in this game mainly because this was supposed to be the first real offense that the Patriots played all year but 2 things killed that. First Levian Bell got injured early and had only 6 carries. Secondly Ben Rothlisberger was not good and low key he actually had not been very good since coming back from injury but really all season something had been off. In this game Rothlisberger had a QBR of just 57.1 and struggled in the Redzone with just 1 TD in 3 trips including a coming up short in a 1st and goal from the 1. NE is obviously a very good team but how they keep getting breaks like the Bell injury is crazy.




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