Wildcard Weekend 2021

Finished the Regular season 50-49-1 which is not great and really need a strong playoffs to make the year count.

2021 Regular Season : 50-49-1

Game 1: LV @ Cin Under 49: Both teams had some high scoring games late in the year that I think pushed this total up, I expect both teams to play this game more conservatively and try to use the run game a lot and it wouldn;t surprise me if we get a really slow first halg=f that helps keep this game under.

Game 2: NE +4.5 @ Buf: The Bills are clearly the better team but I do think that even though they are the home team, being outside in a really old game isn’t their ideal play state. I expect the Bills to pull this game out but I do think its a struggle and getting 4.5 here is good value.

Game 3: SF ML +142 @ Dal: It feels like everyone is on the 49ers and that does scare me but of all the games tis one feels like the most 50/50 to me, I think both offenses game have significant advantages in this game, SF in the run game and Dallas in the deep passing game and whoever is best able to exploit their advantage will win. That is why I am taking SF ML rather than the 3 points. I can see a scenario where Dallas attacks the 49ers secondary and wins by 10+. I can also see SF controlling the game on the ground and winning by a TD.

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