Month: February 2021


LW: 0-2

2020: 60 -57

Superbowl: KC Future +225

The only bet I have on the Superbowl is the one I made prior to the games in Chmpionship week which is KC +225. I have not hedged it by taking the Bucs because I like the Chiefs to win this game. Now there may be some opportunities in game, if the Chiefs jump out ahead early I would look at taking the Bucs at some point and try to get a nice middle opportunity. If the Bucs jump out early then my play in game bet will probably be on the Over.

The reason I like the Chiefs in this game is I think there is a big advantage with the coaching staffs. Andy Reid has a chance to cement himself as one of the all time coaches with back to back titles and I like how aggressive he has been in the playoffs and really all year. The coach I think that doesn’t get enough discussion in this game is Steve Spagnola the Chiefs DC. Spags may not have been a very good head coach but what he has shown is that he is an elite game planner in the playoffs. The two Giant Superbowls were one by the performance of Spags defense and last year his KC team played their best game in the Superbowl. I was extremely impressed by the performance of the Chiefs Defense last week vs the Bills and I think we will see a prepared defense that will give Brady problems.

Patrick Mahomes vs Tom Brady is a historic meeting and one that will look more so at the end of Mahomes career but he had not been at his best the last month and the fact he was banged up had a lo to do with it. A lot is being made out of the loss of Eric Fisher for the Chiefs but in a one game setting I think they can game plan around it. The Eagles 3 years ago played with a back up LT Halopati Vaitai in place of all pro Jason Peters and despite that downgrade, Nick Foles passed for 373 yards.

If I didn’t have a Chiefs future I would probably take them -3 but luckily I can sit back and just hope they win and get +225.