Month: February 2022

Superbowl 2022

I can’t remember a Superbowl I cared less about but here we are.

2022 Playoffs 3-4:

2021 Regular Season : 50-49-1

Bet 1: Cin @ LAR ML (-190) : I didn’t see much value in the line which seems right at 4 but like all SB’s you can get value on the ML favorite price as so many bettors take the ML on the dog. I have been wrong on the Bengals throughout the playoffs so if they win the SB it would be fitting but in the end the Rams advantage on both lines of scrimmage seems like too much to overcome to me. For season grading purposes I will grade a win as +1 and loss as -2 in the record.


Haven’t bet a bunch but I did take the following and honestly this season has been so hit and miss that it would take getting one of the MVP bets to come through to make the year a decent one.

  1. Joe Burrow over 0.5 Interceptions at -145
  2. Even Macpherson over 7.5 Points at -130
  3. and Superbowl MVP bets on Cooper Cupp at +550, Cam Akers at +2700 and Aaron Donald at +1800