Month: September 2018

Week 3 Picks 2018

Betting on the Browns as a favorite even though they had not won a game in 600+ days was a hell of an experience on TNF. The worst coached team in the NFL had to be saved from itself with an injury to Tyrod Taylor but in the end we got to celebrate alongside all those Browns fans. Nice start to week.



Week 3 – TNF

Week 3

Last Week:: 2W-3L

2018: 5W – 4L

Game 1: NYJ @ Cle -3

Bet% NYJ 37% Cle 63%

For the record, I hate Thursday Night Football. I hate watching TNF and I hate betting TNF because there seems to be much more randomness in these games but I am going to jump in here and take the Browns to win their first game and I think they will win by a TD or more.

baker mayfield dancing GIF by NFL


Week 2 2018

We got off to a nice start in week 1 and traditionally I have done well in  week 2 so here’s hoping for a big start.

pittsburgh steelers shoot GIF by NFL

Week 1: 3 Wins 1 Loss 

Week 2

Game 1: KC @ Pit -4

Bet% KC 62% Pit 38%

Game 2 KC Pit Over 52

Bet% Over 72 Under 28%

I was on KC last week and liked Cleveland but the line moved a little to much for me to bet so the week 1 results were not surprising to me. Andy Reid is traditionally great in any game where he has extra time to get ready and season openers certainly apply. Chiefs won easily but the Chargers dropped 2 sure TDs and were able to move the ball easily to the tune of  524 yards or 7.3 yards per play. We knew the Chiefs defense was a problem coming into the season and even though they won in week 1 it clearly is an issue.  (more…)

Week 1: 2018

As a long time Eagles fan, the 2018 season could not have ended any better. Last year was a down year for this blog and to be really honest I am not sure how much time I will have this season to dedicate to the blog as life has got much busier to me so things will look a little different here and the writeups will be much shorter. In the end if we get plays that win, that is all that matters. Speaking of plays that win, one more time…