NFL Championship Weekend

Divisional Weekend: 1-2

Wildcard Weekend 2-1

Reg Season ATS 60-42

NFL Championship Weekend: I didn’t have a chance to blog this game because honestly I didn’t really like anything all week but ended up playing this teaser on game day. Here’s a quick post recap of the one bet I made.

GB-Sea Teaser


Game1: teaser GB+15.5 & GB-Sea Under 51

Bet% GB 58 Sea 42

Score GB 22 Sea 28 OT

Result:  Win

I liked the under but after opening at 47.5 on game day it had dropped to 46, I also thought that the value on GB was too much in a teaser getting over 2 TDs but honestly I didn’t spend a lot of time researching or using my regular game breakdowns this weekend due to not initially liking these games at the open.

In terms of my bet this game was never in doubt, GB led this game from start to finish, Seattle couldn’t generate anything on offense for 3 quarters and even though GB had great field position due to 5 Seattle turnovers, Seattle forced them to settle for field goals, GB went 1-3 in the redzone.

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