Divisional Week Review

Divisional Weekend: 1-2

Wildcard Weekend 2-1

Reg Season ATS 60-42

Game 1 Bal @ NE Under 48

Bet % Over 63% Under 37%

Score: Bal 31 NE 35 (66)

Result: Loss

Not Even Close! I liked Bal+7 all week and should have stuck with that but thought the under was safer, this game was completely out of had early and it kept going that way. The biggest reason this game went over neither defense could hold the opponent to a FG, Ravens went 4-5 in the redzone while NE went 3 for 3.  I really fet the Ravens would be able to 1 limit the Pats run game which hey did, holding them to 14 yards on 13 carries. I also thought the Ravens would get a lot of pressue on the Pats and be able to protect their porous secondary, which they didn’t. While the Ravens did get 9 QB hits they only got 2 sacks and only 2 TFL.

Game 2 Car @ Sea -11

Bet% Car 45% Sea 55%

Score : Car 17 Sea 31

Result: Win

Not a lot to this game, it  was such a typical Seattle win, slow start up only 4 at half but as the game wears on the constant pressure by the defense forces 1 or 2 huge mistakes and in the end they cover the spread.  What was interesting about this game was that Car did a great job against the run, Sea avearaged only 3.6 yards per att on 28 atts and when that happens the Seattle offense does struggle to find a rhythm, in this game it didn’t really happen untill the 4th Q.

Game 3 Dal @ GB Over 51.5

Bet% Over 59 Under 41

Score: Dal  21 GB 26 (47)

Result: Loss

Two things killed this over, the first being a very slow first half, Dallas had a TD drive in the 1Q that chewed up almost half of the quarter (7:25), they also had a drive of over 5 mins that ended with a Missed Field Goal which was a killer. GB also had a 11 play drive that was almost 5mins that resulted in a fumble inside Dallas territory.

The second thing that killed this over was the conterversial reversal of the Dez Byant catch late in the 4th Q, if that catch stands and Dalas scores the TD, despite the tough first half we would have still cashed the over.

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