Week 16 Review: 4-2

Week 16 was a nice comeback week after 2 straight losing weeks, unlike most of the season it was a week where the sharp plays came in and we were even all rewarded with an actual Browns win.


Week 16 Results 4 Wins 2 Losses

Updated 2016: 53-37-3


What Went Right

  • Eagles on TNF: Not the prettiest win and the Giants outgained the Eagles by almost 200 yards but the Eagles played well early, got a score on a INT return and held on late. Eli had 3 turnovers and Eagles protected the ball on their end.
  • Browns Win Browns Win: We talked about this being a bad spot for San Diego and the Browns best shot at a win and that is exactly what happened here. San Diego had one of the best pressure games of the season but the Browns defense kept them in it and they got a huge blocked FG at the end to preserve win.
  • Gus who?: I liked the Jags on the heels of firing Gus Bradley. They led this game start to finish but were certainly helped by 2 D/ST TDs and the injury to Mariotta late in that game. Blake Bortles is still terrible.
  • The Raiders last stand: The Raiders who have over achieved all year clinched the playoff spot but pad a heavy price. Derek Carr was injured and will miss the rest of the year. The Raiders were 3-3 in the redzone and won the TO battle 3-0, they also averaged 5.7 yards per rush which helped keep them in the lead.

What Went Wrong

  • The Seahawks– Not only did their straight up loss to Arizona as TD+ favorites kill our teaser but I have a future on Seattle winning NFC and Superbowl and I don’t think there has been a time in the least 3 years I felt worse about their chances of winning. Seattle gave up 21 points in the 4th quarter and 9.9 yards per pass att, those are things that just don’t happen to them at home. The loss of Earl Thomas has been even larger than I expected and I expected a major loss. Seattle also lost Tyler Locket in this game with a broken leg as well as the #2 seed so it’s not looking great.
  • Falcons go under…Sort of: I bet this early Saturday thinking the only way the line could move was up only to see it at 48 on Sunday morning at some books. These losses are often the toughest, just betting a bad number. Atlanta held up their end of the battle but the Panthers did not, Carolina went 0-2 in the redzone had 2 turnovers and averaged under 5 yards per play.
  • Missed opportunities: Something to file away for next season. Last week on MNF we saw the Panthers a team that has disappointed all yea have one big final moment on the national stage, while Washington a team that has outplayed their expectations have a major setback that most likely was the final nail in their playoff coffin. This week we saw Carolina go back to the way they played all year and get blown out by Atlanta and Washington go back to the way they played all year and blow out Chicago. Should have known both those were the right sides.

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