Superbowl and Season Review

As the last minutes of the Superbowl winded down I had the feeling of sadness come over me. Not because I particularly cared about which team won, outside of my bet I didn’t, or because I was sad about the season ending because at this point I am ready for a a few months without football. What caused my sadness was knowing that this was probably going to be the best gambling season of my life and that it seems very unlikely I will ever have a year this good again. The final numbers are crazy, 60% is considered a great season and this year ended way over that, its all down hill from here.

Superbowl: 1-0

2016 NFL Playoffs including SB: 6-2

2015 Reg Season: 57-35-3

2015-16 NFL Season Overall (Playoffs and Reg Season): 63-37-3 or 63%



Superbowl 50 Review

SB Review

Car – Den: A couple of notes about betting from the week. I said in the SB post that the unders were clearly the best bets at the open and the sharps hit those numbers hard, driving the number down from 46 to 43.5 and the 1st half under below 23. Not only did the sharps win with their numbers but any number you got would have cashed. The first half under cashed despite the fact we had a defensive TD by the Broncos and another score set up by a huge punt return. I hear a number of sharps say they bet under 23 1st half at the Superbowl blindly and it makes sense when you think about all that goes on pre game. Next year I will look for that number as well.

As far as the game, we once again saw how elite defensive teams will always be undervalued when compared to elite offensive teams. Here we got the #1 defensive team by quite a margin getting way more than a FG and we still saw over 60%of bets on the Panthers. The Broncos won the way they had all year, they got to the QB. Broncos  got 13 QB hits and 7 Sacks on Cam Newton and produced the games biggest play a fumble on a sack that was returned for a TD. Playing with a lead was so crucial in the game for the Broncos because it allowed them to stay conservative on offense and not have to take ay chances, they simply didn’t have the offense to come back on a defense as good as the Panthers.

Cam Newton and the Panthers had a truly remarkable year, the criticism he took afterwards was nonsense, I don;t see why anyone would be surprised that he would be upset or not want to talk about losing the biggest game of his life a game where he had to be disappointed with not only the result but his own play. This was just a very difficult matchup and I think the nerves of being in the biggest spot got the best of not only Cam but also the coaching staff. It happens. Still a fantastic season by a great, great player.

**I was able to cash the one prop bet I posted CJ Anderson over 1.5 receptions but I was most upset about losing a prop bet I didn’t post which was ” Would Jay-Z be apart of the halftime show? YES” I have no idea how he wasn’t there, I was so god damn mad, he has songs with Beyonce and Coldplay, this was Superbowl 50 so it seemed like a sure thing we would see some special guests and I thought for sure he would be apart of it. Cot Damn.On the bright side we did get plenty of ‘Yonce

Yonce Intrance


Beyonce SB 50B.gif

Yonce Bruno

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