Conference Final Review

The blowout in the Panthers Cards game certainly caught me off guard but the number of points scored wasn’t and neither was the great performance by the #1 defense of the Broncos. The conference championships are the last weekend for hardcore football fans before the Superbowl gets hijacked and it couldn’t have gone any better than 2-0.


Conference Finals: 2-0

2015 Playoffs: 5-2

2015 Reg Season: 57-35-3

Conference Final Results

Conf Review

NE @ Den: Denver had one of their best defensive performances of the season, they had 24 pressure plays including 17 QB Hits. NE’s lack of running game allowed Denver to focus on the pass but in a major new wrinkle they did it without blitzing, as the Broncos brought 4 or less rushers at the highest levels all year which certainly caught the Patriots by surprise.

Ari @ Car: I thought the offenses would have a big game here but obviously didn’t expect to see it so one sided. I don’t know what you can take from a game that has a team turn the ball over 7 times the way Arizona did, up until the fumble on the punt return by Patick Peterson it looked like a competitive game but one that happened it just seemed to start an avalanche.

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