Week 13 Review

Week 13: 4-2

Season 51-28

The winning weeks keep coming, back that money truck up again!


Game 1 Chi @ Det Under 48

Bet% Over 57% 43%

Score Chi 17 Det 34 (51)

Result: Loss

The Lions, as they have a few games this year were loose on defense early giving up 14 in 1Q and then only 3 after that, though it should be noted that 7 of those came off of a fumble by Stafford at his own 15. On offense the Lions had there best game of the season vs a defense which has made a habit of giving teams their best performance of he year. Feel like we should of got this one.

Game 2: Phi +3 @ Dal

Bet% Phi 42 Dal 58

Score Phi 33 Dal 10

Result: Win

Eagles completely dominated this game, on defense they held Dallas to 3.7 yards per attempt on the ground while putting up 5.7 in the run game on offense. The score is probably more flattering than the game as Dallas turned it over 3 times and the Eagles only went 1-5 in Redzone.

Game 3: Sea @ SF under 40.5

Score: Sea 19 SF 3 (22)

Result Win

Both these defenses were dominant, Seattle was additionally helped by the 49ers ineptitude while the 49ers defense did a great job in the redzone holding Hawks to 1 TD in 5 trips.

Game 4: NE @ GB-3

Bet% NE 62% GB 38%

Score NE 21 GB 25

Result Win

This was really a NFL Plinko game, Packers could of gone up by double digits in this game, while the Patriots too had some missed opportunities. The Packers outgained Pats 478 to 320 but went 0-4 in redzone so I do think we were on right side here and deserved the win.

Game 5: Cle @ Buf -3

Bet% Cle 46 Buf 54

Score: Cle 10 Buf 26

Result: Win

The Bills D did get pressure and cause mistakes from Hoyer as he ended up getting benched in this game. The overall numbers of this game were very close and in fact the Browns actually outgained the Bills, the big difference in the game was a defensive TD by the Bills.

Game 6: Wash +8 @ Indy

Bet% Was 24% Indy 76%

Score: Was 27 Ind 49

Result: Win

The reverseline move did not mean much mostly because the Was defense gave up an amazing 12.9 yards per pass and 9.9 yards per play. Andrew Luck had his way with the Wash defense and the game was never close.

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