Week 2 2017 Review: 4 – 1

When you start the 2017 season like a boss with back to back 1 loss weeks

In the grand scheme two winning weeks doesn’t guarantee anything but it is awful nice to start the year as a winner on back to back weeks and build a little bankroll as opposed to the opposite where you have to climb out of a hole. As the great Andy Reid always says, Any week you can win in the NFL is a good week.

2016 Season: 56-40-3

Week 1: 3-1

 Week 2 Results: 4 Wins 1 Loss

Wk2 2017

 What Went Right

  • Betting Early: The Steelers game was the first game I bet this week, I thought that money would come in on Sunday and push it up over 6 so grabbed the 5.5 on Wendesday. On Sunday we found out Sam Bradford was out and the line jumped to 9 and as a result we had a great number due to a little luck. Steelers controlled the game start to finish for an easy cover
  • The End of the Tolzein Era: Last week the Colts looked like the worst NFL team in the league but as I mentioned coming back home with a change at QB we would get their best effort and they should be able to stick around in this game. Well they should have won straight up, despite just 266 yards of total offense they led by 10 late in the game and even after Cards tied,Colts had a FG att to win. We thought Arizona was going to have a hard time scoring minus David Johnson and that certainly looks to be the case.
  • No Points in Seattle: From the Week 2 Picks Write up

I could see Seattle winning an ugly game like 13-9 or by a by a blowout like 28-3, either way I see the score staying under 40.”

Missed it by 1.

The Seahawks defense might be the best in the league again and they once again held a team out of the endzone. The offense I thought found a rhythm late with Carson at RB and going up tempo. It feels like Pete Carrol knows he can go to that and get results but only wants to if he has to. Something to think about for 2nd half and live bets. Also look to bet Seattle on First half unders.

  • Falcons over Packers. Again: For the 3rd straight time the Packers defense had no answer for the Falcons. It didn’t make a lot of sense that this line was shorter than the line last year in the NFC Championship game when Atlanta ran them out of the building. Atlanta averaged over 5 yards per rush attempt, went 3 for 3 in redzone and held on to a big lead despite some nervous moments which hopefully ends the can they hold a lead narrative after the SB loss.

What Went Wrong

  • The Saints Defense. Again: We were hoping for some improvement from Saints defense at home and honestly they were so bad it’s kind of hard to believe. They gave up over 10 yards per pass on 39 attempts and 30 points at halftime but it actually could have been worse as the Pats went 3 for 7 in the redzone. It’s amazing that so many years of peak Drew Brees have been wasted by this dreck on defense.

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