Week 10 Results: 5-2

Week 10 had one of the largest cards of the year, it included 2 late Sunday morning plays that split but it really was a week a card I liked a lot as opposed to week 9 where I had only 4 plays and even one of them felt forced. Of the wins none of them really felt lucky, Washington had a big lead early gave it back but pulled out it out late, Eagles seemed to be in control most of game but could never really run away. A very good week and the overall record is looking great through 10 weeks. Just not as great as these guys.


Week 10 Game Results: 5 wins 2 losses


What Went Right

  • #1 DVOA Overall & Defense: The Eagles lived up to their Football Outsiders ranking as they played a very dominant game, the margin should have been greater as Eagles out-gained Falcons by 130 yards and ran almost 30 more plays.
  • Dominant Defenses: I loved the under in the Chiefs- Panthers game, it was probably my favorite bet of week and in a game that had a defensive TD, the ridiculous play by Eric Berry and then another score set up by the incredible play by Marcus Peters. So basically the best offensive players for the Chiefs were in their secondary.
  • Titans Offense is Lit: Who in the world could have expected this? Mariotta has been the best QB in last 4 weeks and in this one they put up 35 points in first half. I thought this would be statement game for Titans and Packers were kind of reeling but nobody could have expected this.
  • 3 Quarters were enough: For 3 of the quarters, the Vikings-Washington game went exactly as I had hoped it would but Vikings made this one interesting in the 2nd quarter scoring 20 points which for them is about 2 weeks worth of points.Washington had 3 sacks and 18 total pressures (QB hits, TFL,Sacks) and were able to keep the Vikings out of end-zone at end of game to preserve this win.
  • Russel Wilson the Best: I am not a Seahawks fan, but am as big a believer in Russel Wilson and the Seahawks as Superbowl contenders as their is. The undisputed DVOA champs of the last 3 years will probably end up at the top again and in this game proved they are every bit the SB favourite that New England is. Russell Wilson was brilliant in this game and as we mentioned the Seahawks offensive line would be able to hold up against the Patriots 32nd ranked D line and they did. NE had 3 sacks but only 11 total pressures and Seattle put up 420 yards of offense and managed red zone trips on 7 of their 10 drives.

What Went Wrong

  • Betting on Bortles- At this point I don;t think I can bet on any game that I need Bortles to win. This was a great spot for the Jags but Bortles missed 2 wide open throws that should have been TDs, and added 2 fumbles and an interception. Until we see something change I just can’t back the Jags getting any less than 3 pts.
  • Oh those Cowboys– Dallas has won 8 straight games ATS, I have been against them the last 2 and its just amazing how we have not seen any let downs, or any performances where they just get outmatched. This game became kind of a mess because of all of the 2 pt conversions the Steelers missed, the Steelers went 4-5 in RZ while Cowboys were just 1-3. Steelers went 0-4 for 2 Pt conversions and gave up 2 TDs to Elliot in last 2 minutes. Crazy game that I thought we had through the first 3 quarters.


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