Week 9 Results: 2-2

Week 9 was my smallest card of the season, just 4 games and one of them was a teaser. There just wasn’t a lot that I liked or felt great about and the card and the results show that. considering how bad the losses were and that the Jags were -4 in turnovers 2-2 was the best result I could have got out of that card.


Week 9 results: 2-2


What Went Right

  • Nick Foles & Charkandric West– The Jaguars were -4 in the turnover battle, on the road which is about as good a recipe for getting blown out as you can find but they were in the game throughout. The Chiefs had just 222 yards of offense as both Foles and West struggled and that allowed the Jags to stay within striking distance even though they probably didn’t deserve it.
  •  D-Fence D-Fence: the best pick this week was easily the under in the Panthers Rams games. We expected both defensive lines to dominate and thats exactly what happened. The teams combined for 13 QB hits, 9 sacks and gave up a combined 120 yards rushing. This game was 7-0 through 3Qs so the under was never really in doubt.

What Went Wrong

  • About that Letdown: When you bet a game that you know is a mismatch but expect the better team to have a let down and they don’t? Well it looks like this Dallas-Browns game. 35-10 and even that might not show how much better Dallas was in this game
  • Teaser Death: Even though we teased to home favs downtown basically a pk I didn’t think it was a square one because the Vikings were not getting many bets but the teaser definitely felt square on Sunday. Both Vikings and Packers lost straight up, the Vikings probably deserved a better fate after being up 3 with under 30 secs left and Lions ot having a Time Out. Had Pakcers won that Vikings loss would have stayed with me for a while with both teams losing the Vikings collapse didn’t matter as much.

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