Week 5 results 4-3

Week 5 ended our mini 2 week slide and put on the right side but this was a week where it should have been so much better. Both the Bears- Colts and Washington-Ravens games had every opportunity to go our way and it’s almost miraculous that they didn’t. Very frustrating finishes but I feel confident that I was on the right side of most of the games on this week’s card. Which is something.


Week 5 Results: 4-3


What Went Right:

  • Stafford and Jim Bob: As an Eagles fan I thought this was a tough spot for the Eagles and early on Stafford and the offense had lots of success scoring Tds on both of their first drives. The Eagles played really well in the 2nd half, but then at the end of the game we saw the turnover margin anomaly of the Eagles regress all at once with a Ryan Mathews fumble and then  Wentz interception on final play. Turnovers happen and so do losses on the road. Eagles are still good and the Lions offense is also really good.
  • Shady Mccoy: The Bills run game continued to roll, the pass game was M.I.A with 124 yards but Mccoy rushed for 150 yards on just 18 carries and allowed the offense to take control. As discussed the Bills defense isn’t great but the Rams weren’t capable of taking advantage. Keenum threw 2 interceptions and while Gurley did score a TD he still only averaged 3.1 yards per touch

  • 6 Point Teaser: We used a teaser for 2 unders and both games ended up needing the full 6 points. Whats really interesting is that both games had a TD from special teams/defense which can happen in games like this and having the 6 points saved us from those TDs.
  • Phllip Rivers: Every week. Every week Rivers finds a way to keep his team in these games and stay close. Most underappreciated star in the NFL. Joey Bosa alo looked very good in his debut.

What Went Wrong

  • The return of the’Bungles’?: I don’t know what to make of the Bengals who last year were a legitimate Superbowl contender when healthy but this year I just no longer have any idea if they are good but slumping or just bad.
  • Bears collapse: The Bears did everything right in this game for basically 55 minutes. They put up over 500 yards of offense, lead the game by 4 and then gave up a long TD to TY Hilton, the one player you can’t get beat by. Then with the ball down 3 at their own 15 and 3 mins left, the Bears fumble and Colts kick a FG without moving the ball. Just an incredible, heartbreaking collapse going from a straight up win to not even getting a cover.
  • The Black cloud! Almost as tough as the Bears loss was this one. We got unlucky early with Steve Smith’s injury, but there was so many terribly unlucky plays in this game. Exhibit A. Kirk Cousins threw a interception from his own 3 yard line that was returned to the endzone but fumbled in meaning a touchback and Washington ball at the 20. Exhibit B was a terrible fake FG attempt by the Ravens where they gave up 3 points for no reason. Exibit C, a punt return TD by Crowder saved a terrible day by Cousins. Finally there was a TD pass that was overturned because Perriman couldn’t get both feet in. Awful.



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