Week 2 Review: 3-2

Overreaction week turned out to live up to it’s name this week as we saw 9 games with 0-1 teams playing 1-0 teams and 7 of those 0-1 teams ended up covering. Unfortunately   1 of the 2 0-1 teams that didn’t cover was our MNF pick, the Chicago Bears.

Winning weeks are always good, this felt like it had a chance to be bigger going into MNF but a season of 3-2 weeks would work just fine and with the big week 1 we are off to a nice start here. It does help that 2 of the underdog winners, Cowboys & Vikings, won straight up so I banked a little extra on the ML bets. 2 Winning weeks to start 2016, reason to celebrate.


Week 2 results: 3-2


What Went Right

  • Dallas – Washington: These were two teams that I wrote about in my early season betting previews and with them playing each other I feel like this game was a perfect representation of why I liked Dallas and didn’t like Was coming into season. Cousins for the 2nd straight week had decent passing yard numbers but didn’t look anywhere near the player he was last year. And I don’t imagine he will be anytime soon. Washington hasn’t been able to run and without elite QB play,the restof the issues on the roster become more damning.
  • The Same Bradford Era– SNF featured the best NFL game of Sam Bradford’s career and even with Adrian Peterson struggling early and getting hurt later the offense under Bradford was just fine. The 2 major takeaways from this game for me were 1) if Bradford can stay healthy he could give the Vikings the best QB play they have had since Bret Favre and 2) the Packers offense has not looked right now for the 2nd half of last season and start of this season and whatever the issues are, they feel real.
  • Phillip Rivers– I’m not sure there is a more underrated player in the NFL than Rivers. I thought there was too much negative being made of the Chargers game in week 1. Yes they should have won the game and the 4th Q collapse was ugly but there are also lots good signs that were being ignored. The offensive line looks much improved and with I so does the run game even minus Danny Woodhead. Rivers with a quality line and a running game is going to be good enough to make the Chargers a very dangerous team.

What Went Wrong

  • The Lions – As the week went on I felt less and less confident about this game and it looks like that feeling was right. there was a lot of late Tenessee money and this is a game I should have just stayed away from. I still like the Lions though the injuries could become a problem. Detroit looked like it had put the game away late in 1st half when they had not 1 but 2 TDs called back because of penalties and had to settle for a FG.
  • Jay Cutler was prime Jay Cutler. The Bears QB followed up being awful for most of the game with an injury to end it. The Bears injuries on defense have left them decimated and allowed rookie Carson Wentz to have another quality performance. For second straight week Doug Pederson had a great game plan for Wentz it the Bears just didn’t take advantage of their numerous mismatches on offense and especially of rookie corner Jalen Mills who was a 7th rd pick in this yearsdraft.

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