Divisional Round Review

Was a Rodgers hail mary away from a 1-1-1 Week, that game and that play swung the weekend to a loser. The Hail Mary, the Car- Sea game, the fumble in Pittsburgh it was a wild weekend and in almost every one of those crazy plays games I came out on the wrong end as not only did I go 1-2 on the weekend but also lost both teams I had futures on to win the conference and SB.

RIP Steelers and Seahawks Futures. RIP

Moment of silence

Div Round: 1-2

2015 Playoffs: 3-2

2015 Reg Season: 57-35-3

Div Rd Results

Div Rd 2015

KC @ NE: This game really went to form, a late score from KC ,made the game 1 score but they took so much time on final drive it would have taken a miracle. I love Andy Reid and think he does 90% of the job as well as anyone but the clock management issues have gone on forever and this game was another in a long line.

GB @ Ari: Would have a had a push if not for Rodgers Hail Mary but I think more interesting is this was the 2nd playoff game where we saw a rematch of reg season game that the favorite had blown out the under dog. In both games, Sea-Min and GB-Ari the rematch played very differently and both underdogs had a chance to win the game. Something to keep in mind for next year.

Sea @ Car: Call me crazy but I still feel like Seattle was the best team of 2015. That first big run by Jonathan Stewart with guys slipping all over the field should never happen, they had hours of working on the field before the game and should have know which cleats they needed. After Russel Wilson’s pick 6, its amazing that a team that went to 2 straight SBs panicked but they all did, Wilson, the defense and Pete Carrol. By the time they got it back together at half time it was too late. The Panthers took advantage of every opportunity and are full marks for their victory.


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