Week 3 – TNF

Week 3

Game 1 Was @ NYG -3

Bet% Was 31% NYG 69%

For the 3r week in a row I am backing the Giants, who have become a monday morning sports radio punching bag after blowing 2 4th Q leads vs the Cowboys and Falcons.

Beyond ” they are 2-0 and this is a must win game” which we will here all weekend there are other reasons I think NYG has a chance to win this game big. First off this is Washington and more importantly Kirk Cousin’s first road game, Was has played 2 very close games to open the season but both were at home. Cousins is a QB that is turnover prone, 20 Tds 21 Ints career plus 6 fumbles generally teams turn the ball over more on the road then at home and I do think in a short week, on the road we will see that from Cousins.

Washington has relied on the run game on offense through the first 2 weeks but on the flip side that appears to be the strength of the NYG defense as they have held the Cowboys and Falcons to 3.5 and 2.5 yards per att respectively. Stopping the run has also been the strength of the Washington defense but through the first 2 weeks the Giants have ot been able to get anything on the ground and have relied on the pass game, where they should have an advantage over the Washington secondary.

Finally, the Giants played Cousins and Washington last year in a game they won 45-14 and forced 4 Cousins interceptions so they should have a very good idea of how to attack him on defense. With all the injury troubles in Dallas and the chaos in Philly, the Giants know the division is wide open but going 0-3 and 0-2 in the division would probably be too large a hole to climb out of. In the first 2 weeks the Giants played Romo and Ryan, 2 of the most efficient QBs in the league , this week is a very different story.

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