Wild Card Weekend Review

Wildcard Weekend 2-1

Reg Season ATS: 60-42

2014- 2015 Overall 62-43

Nice start to the playoffs, both wins were really strong through the game, the loss on Dallas never really had a chance but overall I felt good about my breakdowns of the wildcard week.

Game 1: Ari @ Car -5.5

Bet% Ari 55% Car 45%

Score Ari 16 Car 27

Result: Win

This was kind of  a strange game as I’m sure Cardinals backers would say if anyone but Lindley was starting they could have won this game as a couple of big mistakes late by him ended up killing any chance of the comeback ot to mention just his general ineptness. That being said as a Panther backer I would say that had it not been for a couple of big mistakes after Car took a 10-0 lead, the muffed punt and Int return which set up 2 first half TDs this game would have been over early.

Overall this was  ugly game was dominated by the Panthers, they outgained Arizona 386 to 78,hel the Cards to 1.7 yards/play. The game was full of mistakes which game both teams an opportunity to lose it at different points, 3 turnovers each and the Panthers also had twice the penalty yards the Cards did.

Game 2: Bal+3 @ Pit

Bet% Bal 41% Pit 59

Score: Bal 30 Pit 17

Result: Win

The Ravens basically led this game start to finish lead bytheir pass rush and big plays in the pass game. I feltthe big advantage in this game was the Baltimore defense and theymade a number of big plays.  The Ravens front 7 is the strength of their defense and they had a great game here with  5 Sacks, 7 TFL’s and 5 QB hits, they also forced 3 turnovers including 2 interceptions.

As for the Steelers they certainly missed Levean Bell, they rushed just 19 times for 68 yards which forced Rothlisberger to have to try to beat the Ravens on his own. Big Ben threw the ball 45 times for 334 yards but managed a passer rating of just 79.3 because of his 1 TD & 2 int game.

Game 3: Det @ Dal -6.5

Bet% Det 33% Dal 67%

Score: Det 20 Dal 24

Result: Loss

I’m pretty mad at myself for this game, I have been on the Detroit defense one way or the other most of the season and should have seen the great game their front played against the Dallas Oline coming. The Lions really should have one this game straight up, more than jus the picked up flag they missed a number of opportunities. My concerns about the Detroit offense showed up in the 2nd half as they only managed 1 FG after leading 17-7 at half.

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