Week 3 – TNF

Week 3

Last Week:: 2W-3L

2018: 5W – 4L

Game 1: NYJ @ Cle -3

Bet% NYJ 37% Cle 63%

For the record, I hate Thursday Night Football. I hate watching TNF and I hate betting TNF because there seems to be much more randomness in these games but I am going to jump in here and take the Browns to win their first game and I think they will win by a TD or more.

baker mayfield dancing GIF by NFL

If the Browns don’t win here I am not sure what the organisation can say in defense of this coaching staff. We have a rookie QB, the youngest starter of all time, devoid of any real weapons,  playing a road game on a short week in prime time. Cleveland is coming off of 2 straight games they could have won but found ways not to but this spot seems like it is built for Cleveland to win big.

I have always liked Tyrod Taylor and one of the reasons is that he has always protected the ball. That hasn’t been the case in the first 2 weeks where he has 2 interceptions to 2 TDs but I think he should go back to the player we have seen over the last 3 years.

The Browns have the worst coaching staff in the league so they can certainly blow this game but I am going to take the bet on the spot and Tyrod being more like the Bills Tyrod here.

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